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With the passing of Ray, our community will miss his one-on-one tech support.

The purpose of this database is to connect WA customers with those users with a deeper level of expertise.

Any financial arrangements will be between the individuals and is NOT connected to WebAssist company or officers or biz-comm.com, hosting site. WebAssist granted permission to establish this database but there are no legal ramifications to WebAssist. This site is merely to link users to other users.

Listings will be alphabetical by last name. Complaints about any listed users, please contact biz@biz-comm.com for a review if resource should continue to be listed. Note: Biz has no power to assist in refunds etc., only to delist a resource. Proceed at your own risk.

Listing alternates to WA products:

Frameworks : Use php includes

WA Forms: CoffeeCup.com

WA Forms:  formsite.com

Powerstore: ecwid.com

Problem solving: chatgpt.com

Beligiannis, Nikolaos
php, mysql, ecart

Bosetti, Lucas
https://nolimitsdesign.com.ar/   Argentina

Buchholz, David
https://www.i-cre8.co.uk   United Kingdom
PHP, MySQL, eCart, DataAssist, etc. I was a beta tester for WebAssist working on all their major extensions from 2010 onwards. I work with both European & American clients to produce solutions specific to their needs.

El Bey, Jah Ra
https://www.maurians.org   U.S.
php, mysql,

Haque, Rokonul
Can build, handle and customize the web by WebAssist tools

http://www.digitaldesignservices.com   United States, Wisconsin, CST
PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver (from the Macromedia days...), eCart, DataAssist, Data Bridge, UI/UX Certified. Have had experience both with the separate extensions and once they were merged into the packages.

Manuel, Chris
  usa est
php mysql css html

Martinez Martinezx, Oscar
www.xaviadigital.com   Spain
I have been developing custom websites in PHP and MySQL since 2006. I started my sites with "Dreamweaver developer toolbox" and soon discovered the webassist extensions, which I used since before they were synthesized in Data Bridge. Currently I continue to integrate my frontend developments carried out with Pinegrow together with the content manager that I program with dreamweaver. To be prepared for a possible end of dreamweaver I am getting used to knowing and handling "Data Bridge" at the code level, so I think I can be of help in many cases due to years of experience and code handling. Ray helped us for a long time but now we have to walk without him :(. Thank you very much Patrice for your willingness, you are always there. I hope to be of help.

Olivier-Wilson, Patrice
biz@biz-comm.com   828-628-0500
https://biz-comm.com   United States, NC, EST
Long-time user of WA products. Not an expert, but I have run into enough issues over the years to have collected a number of solutions. Free assistance on the forum. Available for projects.

Wilson, Margaret 'Mags'
mwilson@linksdesign.co.uk   +441314777777
https://www.linksdesign.co.uk   United Kingdom
Graphic and web designer/developer. Have been building websites for over 20 years and using WA extensions since around 2010. I use DataAssist, SecurityAssist, Universal Email, PowerCMS and mySQLi server behaviours extensively, and have an advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and responsive web design, with a good working knowledge of PHP, mySQL, Javascript, jQuery etc. I am also an expert user of Adobe Creative Suite including Indesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Premiere Pro. Ray has helped me a great deal over the years, and I'm happy to use whatever wisdom he's given me to help other WA users. Will offer advice free via the Forums if I think I can be of assistance.

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